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Yext integration

  • Applies to:
  • Enterprise

Enterprise partners who use Yext can integrate their local check into Haystack’s analysis.

This offers a number of key benefits:

  • Backed by Yext, Haystack can check a much broader selection of local directories in your market
  • Your reps now need only one sales tool for your entire product suite
  • Haystack’s analysis is aligned with your listing management product
Yext integration example

Yext integration in Haystack detail view

Installation and set-up

Our Yext integration has the following requirements, which your Yext account manager can assist with:

  • Your Yext API key
  • “Scan API access” should be enabled in your Yext account
  • The list of directories you require in the Yext report

To activate this integration, please speak to your Haystack Digital Account Manager.

Yext scan requirements

Additional business information (such as address and phone number) is required to run a Haystack report when the Yext scan is enabled. Where we find the business in Google Maps, this information will be auto-filled to save time.

Yext additional requirements

Yext additional requirements

The additional information requested is as follows:

  • Business name (required)
  • Business phone (required)
  • Street address (required)
  • Area / locality
  • City
  • County, State or Province
  • Postcode or Zip code

Inbound tool

If you’re using our inbound tool in conjunction with the Yext integration, you will need to modify your landing page to collect the additional business information that’s required to conduct the scan. Alternatively, the scan can be hidden on reports generated in the inbound tool, but left visible for reps logged in to Haystack. Please contact your Haystack account manager to explore these options.

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