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Salesforce integration

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  • Enterprise

Haystack can be integrated with Salesforce, and accessed from inside your Salesforce Leads and Accounts.

This is an example Haystack report, embedded inside a Salesforce Account:

An example of Salesforce integration within Haystack. This is within the Salesforce Accounts page

How Salesforce integration works

Haystack provides two-way integration with Salesforce. This means that changes to either Haystack or Salesforce will automatically update the corresponding information in the other system.

Typically integration works as follows:

  • Leads and Accounts created in Salesforce are automatically tested in Haystack.
  • Therefore, anything which adds Leads or Accounts to your Salesforce will automatically test that business in Haystack. For example, leads from your web forms could be automatically tested in Haystack. This means reps wouldn’t have to wait for reports to complete later.
  • If a business is tested in Haystack and doesn’t already exist in Salesforce, it will be added as a new Lead to Salesforce.
  • Any time Haystack tests a business, key results from that test are added to your Leads / Accounts in Salesforce automatically. This data is stored inside Salesforce.
  • This same data is therefore available to you in your Salesforce – e.g. for your Salesforce views, reports and triggers.
  • A Visualforce component is available to embed the results of a report inside your Leads and Accounts (see screenshot above).
  • This component provides one-click access to report detail, competitors, a PDF export and more.
  • If you wish to test existing Leads or Accounts in volume (i.e. to remove the need for reps to run these reports the first time they visit the Lead / Account) there is an optional flag you can set to test them automatically in batch.


Integration is compatible with the following Salesforce editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer.


Currently Salesforce integration is in Beta, and only available to Haystack Enterprise customers on request.

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