Change log

Haystack is updated on a regular basis. Updates occur seamlessly without disruption to the service

Release 315.3 - April 21st 2017

Ignore last release.

[Bugfix] Billing records now stored correctly
[Bugfix] Insert queries now returning the correct insert id.

Release 315.2 - April 21st 2017

[Bugfix] Billing records now stored correctly
[Bugfix] Insert queries now returning the correct insert id.

Release 315.1 - April 20th 2017

[Hotfix] Batch cleanup process fails as it cannot access the account the batch is running under

Release 315 - April 20th 2017

[Feature] Internal dashboard screens updates for Credit Notes
[Bugfix] Added stack trace to investigate issue with batch report error warnings

Release 314.1 - April 13th 2017

[Hotfix] Internal invoice reporting screen

Release 314 - April 12th 2017

[Feature] Improved the Lead data that is sent to Salesforce by making use of custom inbound tool fields.
[Feature] Internal tracking categories screen
[Feature] Products API
[Feature] Users API has extra security checks
[Feature] Hotjar implementation
[Feature] Yext now supports Italy
[Feature] Improved caching of script files to improve performance on poor connections
[Bugfix] Facebook page test blacklists commonly mis-detected pages
[Bugfix] Disabled an internal warning message

Release 313.3 - April 10th 2017

[Hotfix] Fixed billing issue regarding no VAT number being set.

Release 313.2 - April 7th 2017

[Hotfix] Force salesforce links to main Salesforce connection domain.

Release 313.1 - April 7th 2017

[Hotfix] Some sites are no longer causing larger report wait times

Release 313 - April 6th 2017

[Feature] Calculation of averages for metrics in country and industry
[Bugfix] Some user records becoming corrupted on async request from Salesforce
[Bugfix] Stripe refunds not being tracked on internal reporting
[Bugfix] Some error messages not translated
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Improved security on user API

Release 303 – February 10th 2017

[Feature] Better logging for PDF generation
[Feature] Ability to select which test configuration options get stored in the database.
[Feature] Retesting a report that requires additional fields now checks for information from Google to hydrate the config.
[Feature] Boostability integration
[Bugfix] Email validation decodes prior to validation checks
[Bugfix] Account switching improvements

Release 302 – February 9th 2017

[Feature] Usage reporting page improvements
[Feature] Inbound leads page improvements
[Feature] GoLocal feature upgrades
[Feature] Address on overview now makes use of directory plugins information
[Feature] Batch upload layout / functionality improvements.
[Bugfix] Batch assignment should work with multi accounts
[Bugfix] Google maps reference correctly passed to Local Presence.
[Bugfix] Fixed date issues on reporting screens (internal)
[Bugfix] Track correct user for share link
[Bugfix] Fixed issue with filtering on new users screen

Release 301.2 – February 9th 2017

[Hotfix] Emails/usernames are now correctly converted to lowercase.

Release 301.1 – February 9th 2017

[Hotfix] Address not showing up for reference details in Yext test

Release 301 – February 6th 2017

[Feature] Uberall analysis shows reference details
[Feature] Yext analysis shows reference details
[Feature] Yell UK enabled in Yext analysis
[Feature] Ability to have linked accounts and switch between them
[Feature] Improved activity reporting
[Feature] Improved batch reporting wizard
[Feature] Batch reports can now be assigned to reps
[Feature] Batch reports can now be run with tests that require extra details (e.g. local presence)
[Feature] Romanian language support
[Bugfix] Admin bar should not be hidden for superusers in accounts without search
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Local presence shouldn’t show sources
[Bugfix] Better field labels for bulk data from Uberall
[Bugfix] Reporting dashboard showing incorrect months

Release 300 – February 1st 2017

[Bugfix] Links to revisit report in email notifications for reps are broken
[Bugfix] Fix Javascript error in report detail
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] uberall analysis statistics adjusted for clarity
[Bugfix] Yext analysis text improved
[Bugfix] Stop posting shut-down events to internal monitoring service

Release 299.4 – January 31st 2017

[Hotfix] Incorrect months showing on usage page

Release 299.3 – January 31st 2017

Cancelled Release

Release 299.2 – January 31st 2017

Cancelled release

Release 299.1 – January 31st 2017

[Hotfix] Some visitors seeing old report layout on detail view.

Release 299 – January 31st 2017

[Feature] Ability to share a link or PDF when sharing via email
[Feature] Ability to attach contact details to report when sharing via email or downloading PDF
[Feature] Holding page while waiting for emailed PDF to download
[Bugfix] Reactivate minification disabled due to PDF issues
[Bugfix] Language selection can cause shared links to redirect
[Bugfix] Code quality improvements
[Bugfix] Reduced errors in PDF generation
[Bugfix] Division by zero occuring in Headings analysis
[Bugfix] Mislabelled output field in Yext analysis
[Bugfix] Pro should have limited access
[Bugfix] Spider errors not shown in detail when report fails

Release 298 – January 29th 2017

[Hotfix] Server “failed” termination no longer sends spam warnings

Release 297 – January 25th 2017

[Feature] Ability to see businesses in OmniSearch that do not have a website
[Feature] Better data collection in OmniSearch
[Bugfix] Emails are now validated to ensure the DNS exists and the address is in the correct format.
[Bugfix] Similarweb no longer crashes randomly during testing of keywords that do not exist.
[Bugfix] Plaintext no longer crashes if no text is given.
[Bugfix] Fixed divide by zero bug in Instagram
[Bugfix] Fixed issue with inbound lead email sending
[Bugfix] Success / error message times out on email share
[Bugfix] Api keys will no longer be copied when duplicating an account
[Bugfix] Fix issue with rounding of scores
[Bugfix] Account information added to share link data
[Bugfix] Freshness test no longer throws a warning about string received instead of integer

Release 296 – January 23rd 2017

[Hotfix] Fixed Similarweb results when an error occurs.

Release 295 – January 23rd 2017

[Feature] Ability to have profile details (job title etc) on outbound emails
[Feature] Additional logging on Javascript
[Bugfix] Update to SimilarWeb v2 API
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Invoice reporting is incorrect
[Bugfix] Single click only required for buttons on iOS devices
[Bugfix] Uberall crashes when directories are customised
[Bugfix] Missing config for es_419
[Bugfix] Facebook page not being detected for and links
[Bugfix] Hooks not working when certain tests are enabled
[Bugfix] Some pusher services erroring

Release 294 – January 23rd 2017

[Hotfix] Revert headscripts to reduce PDF error rates

Release 293 – January 19th 2017

[Hotfix] Disable Javascript minification to reduce PDF error rates

Release 292 – January 13th 2017

[Feature] Yext support in Belgium
[Feature] Internal admins can always use British English rather than being forced into client’s language selection
[Feature] Ability to choose language from within the tool
[Feature] Redirect user to correct language on login if their account does not have the requested language
[Feature] Show user’s profile picture in top right if available
[Feature] Trying to access missing assets should not be handled by the app
[Feature] Detection for new sites in vendor detection
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Not possible to add new category on overview layout editor
[Bugfix] Language detection for browser set to Latin American spanish not working

Release 291 – January 12th 2017

[Hotfix] JQuery UI not being correctly included and minified

Release 290 – January 12th 2017

[Hotfix] Missing jQuery UI library from minified JS

Release 289 – January 11th 2017

[Feature] Removed all JavaScript from email content
[Feature] Refactored internal repository code
[Bugfix] Issue storing strings greater than 1024 bytes.
[Bugfix] Translations failing to download if primary folder is missing
[Feature] Minify all JavaScript
[Feature] Added role to bulk user import

Release 288 – January 11th 2017

Cancelled release

Release 287 – January 10th 2017

[Hotfix] Accounts created with wrong country code and VAT country

Release 286 – January 10th 2017

[Hotfix] Yext and Uberall analysis integrations not showing all results in PDF exports

Release 285 – January 10th 2017

[Hotfix] Fix for Search Marketing analysis not correctly working

Release 284 – January 10th 2017

[Hotfix] Fix for Search Marketing analysis not correctly working

Release 283 – January 10th 2017

Cancelled release

Release 282 – January 9th 2017

[Feature] SEMrush supports more countries
[Feature] Share a report with a link
[Bugfix] Hydra should show “Unable to determine” for directories that timeout
[Bugfix] Trying to add a filter without selecting one throws an error
[Bugfix] Account search doesn’t show which accounts are expired / cancelled
[Bugfix] Remove old language files
[Bugfix] Attempting to view some historical reports cause business to be re-tested
[Bugfix] Scores can be 1 point off on search due to difference in rounding methods
[Bugfix] Success message when sending an email is poor
[Bugfix] Screenshots on competitors page not loaded using SSL
[Bugfix] Some directory checkpoints showing on layout editor for customers that don’t have those directories enabled
[Bugfix] Uberall integration should have customisable directory list
[Bugfix] Uberall integration uses new pre-spider loading to make it quicker
[Bugfix] Uberall integration should have customisable source name for white-labelling
[Bugfix] Uberall should ask for and auto-fill street name rather than street address
[Bugfix] Divide by zero error in Headings test

Release 281 – January 6th 2017

[Hotfix] Session issue for inbound tool

Release 280 – January 5th 2017

[Feature] Uberall integration
[Feature] Ability to run test code before spider
[Feature] Earlier request for Hydra data
[Feature] Added Belgian French and Dutch support
[Feature] Improved fields on exports & API
[Feature] User profile form
[Feature] Updated admin bar
[Bugfix] API user should not persist login / session
[Bugfix] Some reports crash with invalid characters
[Bugfix] Updated AWS library
[Bugfix] Buggy layout when adding new checkpoints on Overview layout editor
[Bugfix] Event tracking doesn’t always get correct report data
[Bugfix] Some non-escaped HTML characters in help causing errors
[Bugfix] TLD list out of date
[Bugfix] Improve error logging in Rollbar
[Bugfix] Excess padding / bad styles on reporting page
[Bugfix] European street addresses in the wrong order
[Bugfix] Some searches don’t work on All reports page

Release 279 – January 4th 2017

[Hotfix] Search marketing analysis client crashing

Release 278 – January 3rd 2017

Cancelled release

Release 277 – December 14th 2016

[Hotfix] Selecting an invalid language now falls back to an available language

Release 276 – December 14th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 275 – December 14th 2016

[Feature] Admin header is now minimised on the left hand side instead of being obtrusive at the top.
[Feature] Organic Search makes use of additional services through the search-marketing-analyser to provide more accurate results
[Feature] Deviceshot provides a valid header to enable services to white-list our crawlers.
[Feature] Ability to have callbacks when fields are updated on a report
[Feature] Updated Yext to support Austria

Release 274 – December 12th 2016

[Bugfix] Yext text should be British English
[Bugfix] Make sure Hydra runs as early as possible
[Bugfix] Language options on account configuration out of date
[Bugfix] Language detection fallbacks do not work
[Bugfix] New Zealand explainer images are not localised
[Bugfix] Fix Hotfrog directory image
[Feature] Added summary points and images for GoLocal and Top4

Release 273 – December 7th 2016

[Hotfix] Checkout will not create new Haystack accounts

Release 272 – December 6th 2016

[Bugfix] New Zealand added as locality
[Feature] Ability to support legacy customers moving to pay via Stripe
[Bugfix] URLs for website tested should not show full protocol and path in data tables
[Feature] Titles and descriptions analysis can optionally show a table of discovered data
[Bugfix] Better sharing of data between local presence and social tests
[Bugfix] Removed old report style

Release 271 – December 2nd 2016

[Feature] Automatic US English translation
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Sitemap test works with linked sitemaps and sitemap indexes
[Bugfix] Wistia video not detected on video analysis
[Bugfix] Old sitemap should be removed
[Feature] Preview of logo on settings page
[Bugfix] Alternative text test uses computed source, should use raw source
[Bugfix] Sources with no link should not be displayed as link
[Bugfix] Google Logo is out of date in Hydra analysis
[Feature] Moved Hydra to production credentials
[Feature] Yext support for Sweden

Release 270 – November 30th 2016

[Hotfix] Out of date dependency for Yext

Release 269 – November 25th 2016

[Feature] Updated text on Facebook and Twitter analysis
[Feature] Updated custom fonts
[Feature] Updates to Headings test results
[Bugfix] Some vendors not being detected
[Feature] Table can be hidden in Yext analysis when customer has PowerListings
[Bugfix] Hydra table fails to show all rows when exported as PDF
[Bugfix] Bing logo out of date for Hydra
[Feature] Updated help for Hydra
[Feature] Updated strings for Hydra

Release 268 – November 25th 2016

[Hotfix] URLs for BizWiki based directories are incorrect in Yext integration

Release 267 – November 24th 2016

[Hotfix] Yext URL transforms not working for UK sites

Release 266 – November 23rd 2016

[Hotfix] Scores missing on competitor section in PDFs

Release 265 – November 23rd 2016

Cancelled release

Release 264 – November 23rd 2016

[Hotfix] Icons missing on competitor section in PDFs

Release 263 – November 22nd 2016

[Hotfix] Yext metric boxes should not appear when business uses PowerListings
[Hotfix] Yext metric boxes do not add up to 100% when a directory check fails

Release 262 – November 22nd 2016

[Bugfix] Historic reports not sorted correctly
[Feature] Yext support for Hungary
[Bugfix] PDF export performance is poor
[Feature] Time of report run added to inbound tool update emails
[Feature] Headings test
[Bugfix] Inbound tool has empty Google Analytics code
[Bugfix] User agent not being sent when downloading analytics JavaScript

Release 261 – November 21st 2016

[Hotfix] Translation broken for some customised versions of the tool

Release 260 – November 21st 2016

[Feature] Hydra integration
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Feature] OmniSearch error improvements
[Feature] Additional logging to Rollbar
[Bugfix] Logo uploading not working
[Feature] Redirect API to HTTPS if called with HTTP
[Feature] Display ads test
[Bugfix] Callbacks should send a JSON content type
[Bugfix] Translation fixes

Release 259 – November 18th 2016

[Hotfix] Inbound tool endlessly refreshes when using detail view

Release 258 – November 16th 2016

[Hotfix] Reports not running correctly

Release 257 – November 16th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 256 – November 16th 2016

[Hotfix] 404 error page does not display correctly

Release 255 – November 15th 2016

[Bugfix] Translation updates
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Usage of detail sections should not be logged in PDF download
[Bugfix] should be redirected to main site
[Feature] Video detail section displays video vendor if detected

Release 254 – November 14th 2016

[Feature] Optimizations to controllers in the legacy codebase (internal)
[Feature] Ability to view statistics for which user viewed test sections
[Feature] New revenue tracking categories (internal)
[Bugfix] Changed references from old domain to new in settings

Release 253 – November 10th 2016

[Bugfix] Increased number of report failures since concurrent testing was introduced
[Bugfix] Email notifications of downloaded report are sent repeatedly – should be max 1 per day
[Bugfix] Yext analysis should give headline figures at the top
[Feature] Daily summary of inbound tool leads

Release 252 – November 7th 2016

[Feature] Asynchronous testing to improve performance
[Bugfix] Only 6 rows shown in Yext report PDF export
[Bugfix] Moved staging URLs to new format

Release 251 – November 7th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 250 – November 7th 2016

[Bugfix] Update revenue reporting
[Feature] Progress spinner on PDF download
[Bugfix] Garbage collection sometimes errors
[Bugfix] Account finder should lowercase names
[Bugfix] Vendor analyzer doesn’t cover new Guru sites
[Bugfix] Download button on Usage by user has incorrect icon
[Feature] Batch test logged as an activity
[Feature] Dashboard of inbound leads
[Bugfix] Yext columns mislabeled in exports
[Bugfix] Translation fixes

Release 249 – November 1st 2016

[Feature] Updated logging (Loggable)
[Feature] Updated revenue reporting
[Bugfix] Fixed various issues with revenue reporting

Release 248 – October 25th 2016

[Bugfix] Fixed subscription extension issue for Stripe payments

Release 247 – October 24th 2016

[Bugfix] Rollbar fixes
[Feature] Revenue reporting for Silktide admins
[Bugfix] Updated SpyFu API client
[Bugfix] Progress bar appears on report for websites that have failed testing, should time-out after 20 minutes if the report doesn’t complete
[Feature] Improved appearance of the log-in page

Release 246 – October 19th 2016

[Bugfix] Added Rollbar logging for people landing on and seeing the warning message

Release 245 – October 19th 2016

[Feature] Redirect users to

Release 244 – October 19th 2016

[Bugfix] Fixes for errors / warnings being logged in Rollbar
[Feature] New default background for login
[Feature] Force SSL on * domains

Release 243 – October 18th 2016

[Hotfix] Some reports crashing with new version ID for historical reporting

Release 242 – October 18th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 241 – October 18th 2016

[Bugfix] Sidebar missing on report activity
[Feature] Links to new help site
[Bugfix] URLs which were a website but now redirect elsewhere cannot be retested / error in an endless loop
[Feature] Ability to explore historical reports
[Feature] Ability to share reports to multiple email addresses
[Bugfix] Deny starter plan from using API

Release 240 – October 14th 2016

[Hotfix] Phone number displayed wrong in some cases due to new phone number parsing library

Release 239 – October 13th 2016

[Hotfix] New phone number parser is broken with multiple phone numbers in one field, which is what is sometimes displayed

Release 238 – October 13th 2016

[Bugfix] Repeat notification when someone visits their inbound report a second time
[Bugfix] Rogue backtick character on API page
[Feature] Google phone number parsing library where phone numbers are displayed
[Feature] Support for Dutch language
[Bugfix] Email sent by inbound tool should use the default timezone for the account
[Bugfix] When a Yext lookup fails, it should not be counted as a “found” directory

Release 237 – October 12th 2016

[Hotfix] Auth is logging people out on the Salesforce1 app and causing the page to endless reload

Release 236 – October 10th 2016

[Bugfix] Facebook analysis includes check ins
[Bugfix] Inbound tool should not send an email if the report is viewed a second time
[Bugfix] Updated SpyFu API client
[Feature] Ability to have a customized email subject on inbound tool emails
[Bugfix] Lists displayed with zero counts
[Bugfix] Exports contain wrong columns sometimes
[Feature] Facebook analysis should use Facebook page detected by Yext if available
[Bugfix] Translation fixes

Release 235 – October 4th 2016

[Hotfix] Proper Rollbar grouping for both Report Run and SpyFu failures

Release 234 – October 4th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 233 – October 4th 2016

[Hotfix] PDF downloads missing sections

Release 232 – October 3rd 2016

[Bugfix] Users cannot sign up with a plus symbol in their username, even though this is valid.
[Bugfix] Text covers “add to list” functionality
[Bugfix] Real browser technology can return a different web page causing false broken links to be flagged
[Feature] Yext plugin updated to handle Irish directories

Release 231 – September 30th 2016

[Feature] Email notifications from the inbound tool can go to different locations
[Bugfix] Ampersand causes error in title of layout editor
[Bugfix] Remove unused option from account config
[Bugfix] Yext integration can have white label name applied
[Bugfix] Yext integration shows appropriate results where business is using Yext PowerListings
[Bugfix] Yext integration links to the directories it has found

Release 230 – September 30th 2016

[Feature] Ability for email notifications to contain link to download PDF
[Bugfix] Updated readme
[Feature] Ability to set number of pages to be analyzed
[Bugfix] Address should be required for Yext integration

Release 229 – September 26th 2016

[Hotfix] Authentication failing for Salesforce plugin fetching users

Release 228 – September 23rd 2016

[Bugfix] Social sharing test failing as Facebook have changed their API
[Feature] Ability to send emails after running the report on inbound tool
[Bugfix] Improved error reporting for Rollbar
[Bugfix] Failed reports get stuck and can never be tested
[Feature] API key management
[Feature] Search for business by business details API
[Bugfix] Custom report fields have incorrect data in bulk exports for some accounts
[Bugfix] AdWords fields not included in batch exports

Release 227 – September 20th 2016

[Bugfix] Password reset should show appropriate error if someone uses an out-of-date or malformed reset link
[Bugfix] Overview layout editor doesn’t show local checkpoints in some cases
[Bugfix] Untranslated string on Page count checkpoint
[Bugfix] Payment failure notifications not working
[Feature] Exports should include detected Name, Address and Phone number
[Bugfix] Additional debug to help resolve errors being trapped by Rollbar
[Bugfix] Added city to Canadian address parser
[Feature] Yext integration

Release 226 – September 12th 2016

[Bugfix] Improvements to reduce errors in Rollbar

Release 225 – September 12th 2016

[Bugfix] Improvements to reduce errors in Rollbar

Release 224 – September 9th 2016

[Bugfix] Overview editor strips custom elements when saving config
[Feature] Custom elements can be reordered using overview editor
[Bugfix] Local Presence Preload isn’t running for Reviews test
[Bugfix] Code quality improvements
[Feature] Updated layout of email tracking page
[Bugfix] Incorrect dates displayed on Email tracking page
[Bugfix] Search on User admin page is case sensitive
[Bugfix] Search should always show reports from all users in the account, currently only shows that user’s own reports as per All Reports
[Feature] Weekly / Monthly export CSVs standardized with API & batch analysis tool
[Feature] Local presence columns included in exports & API
[Bugfix] Inbound tool giving 500 server error in some cases
[Bugfix] CSVs from Macs cause error in batch analysis
[Feature] Domain age test now more reliable and able to test more TLDs

Release 223 – September 6th 2016

[Feature] Ability to have price adjustment after 12 months on proposal
[Feature] Inbound tool updates user’s details & sends notification email when retest is not forced
[Bugfix] Less errors logged in Rollbar

Release 222 – September 2nd 2016

[Bugfix] Reduced errors being logged in Rollbar
[Bugfix] Disabled Rollbar in development environment

Release 221 – September 1st 2016

[Bugfix] Reduced errors being logged in Rollbar
[Feature] Overview layout editor

Release 220 – August 24th 2016

[Feature] Ability to set transforms on custom report fields that are passed in via the inbound tool
[Bugfix] Button in share email says “Click here” which is bad practice
[Bugfix] Labels for settings dialogs should be clearer (Report settings vs. account settings)
[Bugfix] Retest progress bar is not preserved when switching between report pages
[Bugfix] Old JavaScript translations being cached
[Bugfix] Email notification sent to rep not being translated
[Bugfix] Facebook page explainers now localized
[Bugfix] WiredMinds analytics not being detected
[Feature] Sales person notifications can go to a different email address each time, passed in the request
[Feature] New command to give monthly usage figures
[Bugfix] Two test config dialogs in account admin, one should be renamed
[Bugfix] Memcached should be a dependency
[Bugfix] German language does not have explainer images
[Bugfix] Mobile and tablet screenshots are not being returned in the callback API

Release 219 – August 16th 2016

[Bugfix] Send the correct plan ID through to Subscript when updating or cancelling a subscription

Release 218 – August 15th 2016

[Bugfix] Fixed incorrect dependency pulled in on PaymentDetailsController

Release 217 – August 15th 2016

[Feature] Superuser Console
[Feature] Account Finder Page
[Feature] Added more icons for custom sites
[Bugfix] Fix Scroll behavior on Inbound Tool
[Bugfix] Translations now collected from source

Release 216 – August 11th 2016

[Feature] German language support
[Bugfix] Improve PHP auto loader
[Bugfix] Websites which only work on www. are not able to be tested
[Bugfix] Custom branding updates
[Bugfix] Translation improvements
[Feature] Translations moved to Onesky
[Feature] Additional test details autofill
[Bugfix] Exported data files are missing score field
[Feature] Detail info included in API callback
[Bugfix] Batch errors not displayed if no batches previously run

Release 215 – August 11th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 214 – August 10th 2016

[Hotfix] Facebook API returns error due to request for two pictures

Release 213 – July 29th 2016

[Hotfix] SSL additional data point not being set in all cases
[Hotfix] Default checkpoint result value is not working

Release 212 – July 28th 2016

[Feature] Ability to import custom user fields when doing a user import
[Bugfix] Undesired horizontal scroll on mobile
[Feature] Additional test fields can be required
[Feature] Ability to manually override AdWords detection
[Bugfix] If real spider fails, report should not hang
[Feature] Updated account management
[Feature] New plan limits enforced
[Bugfix] Updates to custom branding

Release 211 – July 22nd 2016

[Feature] Checkpoint on overview for SSL
[Bugfix] Freshness should run images analysis first
[Feature] Ability to collect details after report run on Inbound tool
[Bugfix] Test order should be enforced strictly

Release 210 – July 18th 2016

[Bugfix] Update security
[Feature] New account configuration interface
[Bugfix] Help displays score calculations

Release 209 – July 14th 2016

[Hotfix] Added API key to Google Maps

Release 208 – July 13th 2016

[Hotfix] New plans missing in account creation validation

Release 207 – July 13th 2016

[Bugfix] Spanish Organic search screenshot of Google shows ads in old location, needs updating to new Google layout
[Feature] Callback API now includes custom field data
[Bugfix] Updated to use new plans

Release 206 – July 8th 2016

[Bugfix] SSL analysis wrong on due to timeout
[Bugfix] Page count is counting download links (e.g. PDFs)

Release 205 – July 6th 2016

[Bugfix] Fixes to DIY batch
[Feature] Separate count of duplicate reports on DIY batch
[Bugfix] Code improvements

Release 204 – July 5th 2016

[Hotfix] Batch reports not running

Release 203 – July 4th 2016

[Bugfix] Exports for DIY batches contain wrong rows

Release 202 – July 4th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 201 – July 4th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 200 – July 1st 2016

[Bugfix] Improvements to bulk

Release 199 – June 22nd 2016

[Hotfix] Mobile detection giving wrong score

Release 198 – June 21st 2016

[Bugfix] Stop custom PDF footer from appearing on cover page
[Feature] Button to go direct to settings on Content Keywords analysis
[Bugfix] Improvements to bulk testing
[Bugfix] Translation fixes
[Feature] Custom colour for top bar on Android devices

Release 197 – June 16th 2016

[Hotfix] Change database query for export stats Cron

Release 196 – June 16th 2016

[Hotfix] Export of usage statistics should only occur on one server

Release 195 – June 16th 2016

[Feature] New database backup commands
[Bugfix] Website speed analysis now uses onload speed
[Bugfix] Test title & descriptor shouldn’t be split between pages of PDF
[Bugfix] Backlinks test now omits certain links which have no value
[Feature] Content keywords analysis
[Feature] Optionally sort order of sections by worst -> best OR as in custom config
[Bugfix] Icon in search bar glitches
[Feature] Ability to add custom PDF page at the end of a report

Release 194 – June 14th 2016

[Hotfix] Combined tests haven’t been converted so they can be constructed without running.

Release 193 – June 13th 2016

[Feature] Ability to collect additional data when commencing a new report
[Bugfix] Some websites redirecting to mixed case URLS won’t test
[Feature] Ability to use custom CSS in PDF header

Release 192 – June 10th 2016

[Bugfix] Screenshot on PDF has white gap at edge
[Feature] New PDF fonts
[Feature] Ability to set custom footer on PDF

Release 191 – June 7th 2016

[Feature] Help FAQs
[Feature] Filter on All Reports page for Inbound tool
[Bugfix] Asset helper returns exception rather than throwing
[Bugfix] Can’t target CSS to PDF footer
[Bugfix] Left hand menu doesn’t fix in IE
[Bugfix] Help for new broken links analysis

Release 190 – June 6th 2016

[Feature] Track number of stalled jobs in CloudWatch

Release 189 – June 3rd 2016

[Feature] Broken links test
[Feature] Ability to have custom fonts for PDF generation
[Bugfix] Timestamp of status updates not saved into S3
[Bugfix] Ability to add additional content into PDF footer

Release 188 – May 27th 2016

[Hotfix] Server role causing test server scripts to exit prematurely

Release 187 – May 27th 2016

[Bugfix] Weekly exports are broken
[Feature] Removed tablet from default overview
[Feature] Updated default categories and checkpoints on overview
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] AdWords display has changed so explainer images are out of date
[Bugfix] Twitter account not detecting links starting
[Bugfix] Remove Google+ from report settings
[Bugfix] Internal reporting tool does not count sub-accounts correctly on filter
[Bugfix] SSL test doesn’t work on some sites
[Bugfix] Opening of report share should be notified every time
[Bugfix] Phone number not being displayed on inbound tool
[Bugfix] Featureswitches confused when customer has several accounts on one custom hostname
[Bugfix] Titles and descriptions should use non-computed source
[Feature] Callback on report completion
[Feature] New page which breaks down emails that have been sent and opened
[Bugfix] American phone numbers not being detected on some sites
[Bugfix] SweetIQ integration needs updating to reflect change in their API
[Bugfix] Scorecard not detected as analytics tool

Release 186 – May 24th 2016

[Hotfix] Fixed help on Haystack website

Release 185 – May 24th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 184 – May 20th 2016

[Hotfix] Ability to request all results from user API

Release 183 – May 18th 2016

[Hotfix] Weekly exports saving using wrong filename

Release 182 – May 18th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 181 – May 17th 2016

[Feature] New YAML parser
[Bugfix] User API sort is case insensitive (should not be)
[Bugfix] Twitter account does not ignore reserved pages (e.g
[Bugfix] Reporting page is missing some accounts
[Bugfix] Fix DIY batches failing to start
[Bugfix] Usage over time exports not generating correctly
[Bugfix] Missing translations in Domain age analysis
[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] Reconnecting an integration (changing API user) disconnects all users

Release 180 – May 10th 2016

[Hotfix] Fix DIY batches failing to start.

Release 179 – May 10th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 178 – May 9th 2016

[Bugfix] Code improvements
[Bugfix] American English Translation issues
[Bugfix] Titles and descriptions analysis flagging descriptions as missing when meta name is capitalized
[Bugfix] Redirected sites with suggested URL are not working
[Bugfix] Facebook doesn’t open in new window
[Feature] Self-run batches can now export
[Bugfix] Broken search in IE
[Hotfix] AdWords & Organic search analysis hangs when SEMrush is down
[Bugfix] Screenshots in Analytics analysis are translated

Release 177 – May 5th 2016

[Hotfix] Stop SEMrush from making reports hang

Release 176 – April 29th 2016

[Hotfix] No cache busting of JS file on detail pane

Release 175 – April 29th 2016

[Bugfix] Organic search incorrectly states annual searches
[Bugfix] Screenshots don’t always load
[Feature] Page count on overview
[Bugfix] Data can be mislabeled on competitors page when a very old report is added
[Feature] Server behavior checks for SSL
[Feature] Revised Reviews analysis to be clearer and simpler

Release 174 – April 21st 2016

[Feature] Real spider for mobile analysis
[Bugfix] Usage by user downloads don’t work
[Bugfix] Report social settings shows old data after save
[Bugfix] Speed test uses average of mobile and desktop speed
[Feature] Database field mapper
[Bugfix] Links analysis now uses raw (non-computed) source
[Bugfix] Bad result points are orange (should be red)
[Bugfix] Queues renamed
[Bugfix] Titles and descriptions analysis incorrectly counts missing items as duplicates
[Bugfix] Images test ignores images with empty src attribute
[Bugfix] Video analysis now detects embedded Facebook video
[Bugfix] Ability to stop inbound requests without fields being specified

Release 173 – April 15th 2016

[Hotfix] Lock file on batch processor is being deleted

Release 172 – April 14th 2016

[Hotfix] All reports page gives 500 error

Release 171 – April 14th 2016

[Feature] SimilarWeb integration for AdWords data
[Feature] Improved batch analysis
[Bugfix] Overview result icons are not targetable in CSS
[Bugfix] Statistics pushed to Silktide on a scheduled basis

Release 170 – April 13th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 169 – April 8th 2016

[Feature] Improved filters
[Bugfix] Mobile analysis doesn’t use computed source
[Bugfix] Search is stripping protocol and ‘www.’ from web addresses in Google Maps search results

Release 168 – April 7th 2016

[Feature] Ability to have account alias
[Bugfix] Mobile and print analysis not taking account of dynamically loaded CSS and scripts
[Feature] User initiated batch analysis (preview)
[Bugfix] URL parser errors on URLs containing pipe character
[Bugfix] Advanced search filters don’t work correctly
[Bugfix] Short timeout on the admin account switcher

Release 167 – April 5th 2016

[Bugfix] Code quality improvements
[Bugfix] Custom report fields are now overwritten with empty if not passed when using inbound tool
[Bugfix] Address from Local presence analysis prioritizes Google Maps
[Bugfix] Yelp URL not being passed from settings
[Bugfix] Updated list of TLDs

Release 166 – March 30th 2016

[Bugfix] Option so new records are not created in Salesforce when they don’t exist
[Bugfix] Pagination on user list in Salesforce
[Bugfix] Improved filters on All Reports page

Release 165 – March 21st 2016

[Bugfix] Large datasets causing detail view and PDF view to crash
[Bugfix] Better code formatting
[Bugfix] Extra detail on Meta details section not displaying

Release 164 – March 16th 2016

[Bugfix] Better explainer graphic on Domain age analysis
[Bugfix] Timeout causing some websites to fail analysis
[Bugfix] Creation of new website lists fails
[Feature] Updated reporting dashboard

Release 163 – March 15th 2016

[Bugfix] Export of “Usage by user” doesn’t work in certain locales
[Bugfix] Improvements to bulk analysis
[Feature] Ability to have several accounts use one hostname
[Feature] New reporting dialogs
[Bugfix] Preview of email not working when accessed via Salesforce

Release 162 – March 9th 2016

[Bugfix] Twitter account statistics incorrect
[Bugfix] Salesforce plugin displays error when more than 1000 users are in Haystack
[Bugfix] Batch user import errors

Release 161 – March 8th 2016

[Bugfix] Titles and descriptions analysis can now optionally contain a breakdown of meta data
[Bugfix] Images on AdWords and Organic search analysis updated following Google’s change to AdWords display
[Bugfix] Updates to US English help text
[Bugfix] Email dialog doesn’t work when accessed via Salesforce
[Bugfix] User importing doesn’t work from Salesforce

Release 160 – March 8th 2016

[Hotfix] Fixed adding users from Salesforce

Release 159 – March 8th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 158 – March 8th 2016

Cancelled release

Release 157 – March 8th 2016

[Hotfix] Debugging for Salesforce user API actions.

Release 156 – March 1st 2016

[Bugfix] Remove unused code
[Bugfix] Links analysis doesn’t detect links with “click” in the text
[Bugfix] New user creation fails on Salesforce app
[Feature] Admin toolbar
[Feature] Ability to spider Wix sites
[Bugfix] Improvements to Canadian address parsing

Release 155 – February 26th 2016

[Hotfix] Temporary fix to prevent Fatal errors when creating Users through the Users REST API

Release 154 – February 25th 2016

[Bugfix] Fixed Observer Incompatibility with Salesforce Integration

Release 153 – February 24th 2016

[Feature] Improved logging
[Bugfix] Missing Canadian cities
[Bugfix] Known TLD list is out-of-date
[Bugfix] Inbound tool does not persist “force new report” flag if original request is invalid
[Bugfix] “Example” watermark on explainer images is breaking the layout of the detail page on mobile
[Bugfix] Help missing for Server behavior

Release 152 – February 22nd 2016

[Bugfix] AdWords data not working correctly for non-UK sites
[Bugfix] All links to Facebook counted as Video
[Bugfix] Misleading recommendation in incoming links analysis
[Bugfix] Advanced user level disabled when using Salesforce due to incompatibility

Release 151 – February 19th 2016

[Bugfix] Inconsistent results for mobile analysis between overview and detail
[Bugfix] Option for all users to see all reports (not just their own) on the all websites list
[Bugfix] Updates to video detection
[Bugfix] Message “This organization was analyzed with an old version of Haystack” should be replaced for white label accounts
[Bugfix] Tidied codebase
[Bugfix] Spelling error in Canadian French
[Bugfix] Warning not shown when business has personal Facebook profile
[Feature] Summary point for AdWords keywords
[Bugfix] Some websites can’t be analyzed

Release 150 – February 15th 2016

[Bugfix] Speed and efficiency improvements to analytics analysis
[Bugfix] Speed and efficiency improvements to mobile analysis
[Bugfix] Separator on the CSV export of usage statistics is set depending on locale
[Bugfix] Improvements to bulk analysis
[Feature] Italian language translation

Release 149 – February 11th 2016

[Bugfix] Updated Italian translations
[Bugfix] Tidy of codebase
[Bugfix] Speed improvements
[Bugfix] Page titles and descriptions test now has help

Release 148 – February 10th 2016

[Hotfix] Fix Salesforce integration bug

Release 147 – February 9th 2016

[Bugfix] Tidy of codebase
[Bugfix] Log in button has incorrect height in IE
[Feature] Inbound tool can optionally show overview
[Bugfix] Updated Canadian French strings

Release 146 – February 1st 2016

[Bugfix] Inbound tool notification emails now include custom report data if set

Release 145 – January 29th 2016

[Bugfix] Updated Italian translations
[Bugfix] Updated the SEMrush FAQ link in the AdWords analysis help section
[Feature] New user level, allowing access to the statistics only
[Bugfix] Updates to batch running

Release 144 – January 26th 2016

[Bugfix] Italian translation updates
[Bugfix] Improvements to address parsing
[Bugfix] Labels not showing on navigation buttons in report
[Bugfix] Time between posts on Facebook analysis is blank sometimes

Release 143 – January 20th 2016

[Feature] Weekly and monthly exports no longer feature scores.
[Bugfix] Search crashes with new Google API data.
[Feature] Better warning messages when Google returns results without a URL.
[Bugfix] Improvements to Italian language
[Feature] Ability to have a specific number of organic search results displayed per account.

Release 142 – January 20th 2016

[Hotfix] Omnisearch has a JavaScript error for Google maps results

Release 141 – January 20th 2016

[Bugfix] Problem with sharing report by email – fails to send

Release 140 – January 20th 2016

[Bugfix] Forms are not submitting correctly due to CSRF problem.
[Bugfix] US English improvements

Release 139 – January 20th 2016

[Bugfix] Cache busting on custom styles

Release 138 – January 19th 2016

[Feature] Backlinks test can optionally list top backlinks
[Bugfix] Adding website to existing list fails and causes JavaScript error
[Bugfix] American English translations updated
[Feature] When a business is found on Google maps but has no web address, it is still displayed to avoid user confusion

Release 137 – January 15th 2016

[Bugfix] Cache busting on JavaScript files on all websites view
[Feature] Email notification to user on inbound tool
[Bugfix] Updated TLD list
[Bugfix] Nested menu improvements
[Feature] Italian language files for beta testing
[Bugfix] Mobile test uses non-computed source

Release 136 – January 7th 2016

[Bugfix] PDF generation bugs fixed
[Bugfix] Canadian Dollars currency support for proposal
[Feature] Keywords now shown on AdWords analysis
[Bugfix] Filters on “all websites” page now work correctly
[Bugfix] Missing translations
[Bugfix] Facebook test now has specific outcomes to flag when a website links to a personal profile
[Bugfix] Spectacle API fixed

Release 135 – December 21st 2015

[Feature] Explainers are now internationalized
[Feature] Optional nested left hand menu on detail tab
[Feature] Ability to add custom widgets for Enterprise customers
[Bugfix] Translation improvements

Release 134 – December 15th 2015

[Bugfix] App icon not working in white-label versions
[Bugfix] Translation issues
[Feature] Inbound tool email notifications
[Bugfix] Proposal checkbox on PDF export modal sometimes doesn’t display

Release 133 – December 11th 2015

[Feature] Images test
[Feature] Code quality test
[Feature] Alt text test
[Feature] Server behavior test
[Bugfix] Translation updates

Release 132 – December 10th 2015

[Bugfix] Forced change password form does not submit
[Bugfix] It is possible to include third party links in Haystack’s outbound emails, which is a security risk
[Bugfix] Websites that are very large cause a server error.

Release 131 – December 8th 2015

[Bugfix] Video not being detected on sites which load content dynamically
[Feature] Real spider technology now used for homepage download
[Bugfix] Translations missing for new tests

Release 130 – December 8th 2015

[Bugfix] New tests incorrectly formatted in PDF exports

Release 129 – December 7th 2015

[Bugfix] Facebook test now reports on restricted pages
[Feature] Print optimization test
[Feature] Internal links test
[Bugfix] Alexa failing to run
[Bugfix] Security fixes

Release 128 – November 27th 2015

[Bugfix] Errors in Spanish language version
[Bugfix] Some websites can’t be spidered due to SSL mis-configuration
[Feature] Page titles and descriptions test

Release 127 – November 19th 2015

[Hotfix] Vendor test causing reports to crash

Release 126 – November 19th 2015

[Hotfix] Tests not being correctly added to report request

Release 125 – November 19th 2015

[Feature] Test weight displays in help section of each test
[Bugfix] Unable to analyze websites returning multibyte characters in the headers
[Bugfix] Twitter images not always https, causing warning in the console
[Bugfix] Screenshots not always displayed in Mobile test on detail page
[Bugfix] AdWords graph should not show if spend is zero for every month
[Bugfix] Freshness has incorrect weight by default
[Bugfix] Average spend does not display in AdWords test if the website has zero traffic detected
[Bugfix] If no tests run, the detail page errors (this should never happen)
[Feature] New and improved vendor analysis

Release 124 – November 11th 2015

[Bugfix] Currency symbol appearing incorrectly in AdWords analysis traffic estimation.
[Hotfix] Database connection for work manager doesn’t failover to alternative correctly in the event of database downtime.
[Bugfix] Non-SSL screenshot in the report detail causing error message.

Release 123 – November 6th 2015

[Bugfix] Address parser supports Canadian provinces
[Bugfix] JavaScript files cached by default to improve performance

Release 122 – October 29th 2015

[Bugfix] Some Facebook pages not being detected
[Bugfix] Video test does not detect videos from
[Bugfix] Notification of report email being opened not working
[Feature] Monthly/Weekly exports improved for new reporting customers

Release 121 – October 29th 2015

[Hotfix] Fix for format of webrequest changing.

Release 120 – October 27th 2015

[Hotfix] Warning for reports created with old report style not appearing in some circumstances.

Release 119 – October 23rd 2015

[Bugfix] Estimated spend appearing on AdWords test when no spend has been detected

Release 118 – October 22nd 2015

[Feature] Support for Spanish (Peru), Spanish (Argentina)
[Bugfix] No Latin American currency support in proposals
[Bugfix] Horizontal scroll bar appearing below tables on detail pane

Release 117 – October 22nd 2015

[Feature] Ability to have deep level analysis for AdWords with new reporting enabled

Release 116 – October 19th 2015

[Bugfix] Missing Canadian French translations
[Bugfix] Currency not labeled on AdWords graph
[Bugfix] Header bar overlapping modal windows

Release 115 – October 13th 2015

[Feature] Ability for customers paying via Stripe to self-update payment details
[Feature] 3 day grace period for customers with expired accounts

Release 114 – October 5th 2015

[Bugfix] Paper size not set correctly on PDF, causing layout bugs in US letter size reports.
[Bugfix] Monthly totals of reports incorrect for certain customers.

Release 113 – October 5th 2015

[Bugfix] Fixes to improve security

Release 112 – October 1st 2015

[Feature] Ability to have custom favicons
[Bugfix] Google maps listing fails to be detected
[Feature] Ability to have custom elements on overview/summary page
[Bugfix] Fixes to improve security

Release 111 – September 24th 2015

[Feature] Graph of estimated spend for AdWords test when new report style is enabled (optional)
[Bugfix] Statistic in Website speed test was inaccurate

Release 110 – September 24th 2015

[Bugfix] Salesforce integration bug

Release 109 – September 22nd 2015

[Bugfix] Salesforce integration fails to connect due to HTTP/HTTPS issue
[Bugfix] Confusion over wording of “Google My Business” – changed to “Google Maps”

Release 108 – September 22nd 2015

[Bugfix] Style tweaks in PDF exports
[Bugfix] Improved mobile/touch styles
[Bugfix] Wording changes in speed and organic search tests
[Bugfix] Intermittent JS crash on Proposal page
[Bugfix] Success message not showing on settings update

Release 107 – September 21st 2015

[Bugfix] Changes for new Salesforce integration

Release 106 – September 17th 2015

[Bugfix] Table in Local Presence overlaps on iPad
[Bugfix] Top logo being cut off in header on PDF
[Bugfix] Moved score style to being consistent in legacy reports PDF styling
[Bugfix] Fixed invalid class on newly created reports in Omnisearch
[Bugfix] Changes to allow for Salesforce packaging to work correctly
[Enhancement] Larger hitbox on modal close buttons

Release 105 – September 15th 2015

[Bugfix] Tooltips hidden on iPad to get around Safari bug
[Bugfix] Adjusted padding on search placeholder

Release 104 – September 14th 2015

[Bugfix] “Not detected” on mobile test changed back to “Not optimized”
[Bugfix] Improvements to PDF styles
[Bugfix] Conflicting mobile results between overview and detail when website is partially optimized for mobiles (i.e. some pages mobile optimized and some not)
[Bugfix] Missing US English translation for “Analyse”
[Bugfix] “Share this report” not translated

Release 103 – September 8th 2015

[Feature] Ability to set custom order for sections of PDF.
[Bugfix] Unable to set custom scoring for new AdWords test.

Release 102 – September 8th 2015

[Bugfix] Search terms checkpoint on overview was showing as error when there are no terms, but this is only information.
[Bugfix] Freshness test was less accurate with the new report style enabled.

Release 101 – September 4th 2015

[Bugfix] Resolved bug with usage exports not being generated correctly.

Release 100 – September 3rd 2015

[Bugfix] Sites with no links to Twitter incorrectly saying “Unable to test” on Overview.
[Bugfix] Erroneous asterisk in result string.

Release 99 – August 28th 2015

[Bugfix] Ads renamed to Paid search on overview
[Bugfix] Translations for new report style (Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish and US English)
[Bugfix] Confusing image removed from Backlinks test in new report style
[Feature] Vendor test updated to work with new report style

Release 98 – August 14th 2015

[Feature] New email/download modal
[Feature] PDF cover page
[Bugfix] Logged out users being prompted for access to browser location API
[Bugfix] Facebook test now picks page more sensibly when more than one is found
[Bugfix] Twitter†test now picks account more sensibly when more than one is found

Release 97 – August 7th 2015

[Bugfix] Businesses with apostrophe in the name causing detail page to crash.
[Bugfix] Poor geolocation on search.

Release 96 – August 6th 2015

[Feature] Translations updated
[Feature] New customers get “new report style” by default
[Bugfix] HTML incorrectly being scraped by translation logger
[Bugfix] Language updated in Contact details†test

Release 95 – August 6th 2015

[Bugfix] Unpredictable scrolling behavior on inbound tool when new report style is enabled

Release 94 – August 5th, 2015

[Hotfix] Activity of competitor being added not being logged correctly
[Hotfix] When new report style is enabled, the overall score is not taking into account new tests

Release 93 – August†4th, 2015

[Feature]†Usage by user reporting dashboard
[Bugfix] Colour of score icons on list & all reports pages do not match the score icon colour on reports
[Bugfix] Reports initiated from Salesforce display the incorrect name in activity table
[Bugfix] Twitter account not correctly detected when one page is found with zero followers
[Bugfix] Google MyBusiness now returns only 5 reviews. Warning should be added telling users.
[Bugfix] Expanding help makes page scroll jump to the top
[Bugfix] The retest button which appears after changing report settings is not working
[Bugfix] A personal profile causes Facebook page test to crash
[Bugfix] Bad formatting on add user when the account has custom fields

Release 92 – July 31st, 2015

[Feature] New report style
[Bugfix] Overview points in PDF should not be links
[Bugfix] Proposal doesn’t support AUD
[Bugfix] Search only displays addresses for new search results, not for organizations which have previously been analyzed
[Bugfix] Broken link to HotFrog in Local directories test
[Bugfix] Product description not appearing in exported proposals
[Bugfix] Rating (represented as stars) in Reviews table can span two lines
[Bugfix] Left hand menu in settings is now ordered alphabetically and defaults to “General settings”
[Bugfix] Twitter test can fail to detect twitter account if one account is found and followers is zero

Release 91 – July 31st, 2015

[Hotfix]†Browser crash when a user that is required to change password logs in

Release 90†- July 27th, 2015

[Bugfix]†PDF reports without detail section don’t display correctly

Release 89 – July 24th, 2015

[Bugfix]†Internal reporting not working

Release 88 – July 24th, 2015

[Bugfix] Known TLDs updated to reflect new domains (e.g. .coke)
[Bugfix] Speed improvements
[Bugfix] Score on search badly formatted when testing a new website
[Bugfix] Social interest test adds together likes from http:// and https:// as social networks count these separately
[Feature] Salesforce plugin now stores data on an account/lead (Salesforce)

Release 87 – July 15th, 2015

[Hotfix] Removed decimal points from scores where 100 point score is used.

Release 86 – July 14th, 2015

[Feature] Added option to†disable header bar (Salesforce)
[Bugfix] Fixed radial score not working in locales with comma decimal point
[Bugfix] Fixed character set issue with†some†characters in PDF header
[Bugfix] Fixed some†missing translations
[Bugfix] Fixed ordinal values with†th/st/rd/nd suffix not being†translated
[Bugfix] Fixed some†graphs not correctly translated
[Bugfix] Fixed missing help†translations
[Bugfix] Renamed Google Maps to†Google My Business

Release 85 – July 10th, 2015

[Hotfix] Fixed missing Spanish (Mexico) locale
[Bugfix] Link to website on overview now opens in new window
[Bugfix] Graph on Reviews test not working in locales with comma as decimal point
[Bugfix] Counts of opportunity/won/lost etc on lists page displaying, despite this feature being dropped elsewhere
[Bugfix] API role now has access to all report pages/sections (Salesforce)

Release 84 – July 9th, 2015

[Hotfix] Spanish language bug in competitors page

Release 83 – July 9th, 2015

[Feature] Canadian French translation
[Feature] Brazilian Portuguese translation
[Feature] European Spanish translation
[Feature] Latin American Spanish translation
[Bugfix] Paper size for PDF now based upon country setting
[Bugfix] Logo on PDF can run into title
[Bugfix] Local directory searching times out before detection has finished causing empty result
[Bugfix] Spider errors show†amber warnings (not red errors)
[Bugfix] Fixed issue where if†there are reviews but they all have no rating, the overview page displays “no reviews”
[Bugfix] Arrow on the edge of the “Haystack score” tooltip is not triangular in Safari
[Bugfix] Share buttons are different in presentation mode/regular view
[Bugfix] Sections/titles in report settings are inconsistent and use a mix of cases
[Bugfix] Custom user fields display with label in wrong position on edit/add user page

Release 82 – July 2nd, 2015

[Hotfix] Added feature switch to revert scoring to be out of 10

Release 81 – July 2nd, 2015

[Bugfix] Fixed PDF scores displaying with incorrect decimal places, colors

Release 80 – July 2nd, 2015

[Bugfix] Fixed Haystack score tooltip appearing over other elements, making them unclickable
[Bugfix] Fixed blank page appearing in PDF after competitors
[Bugfix] Retest spinner now has correct rotation origin
[Bugfix] Fixed misaligned buttons on forgotten password form
[Bugfix] Fixed meta viewport errors appearing in console

Release 79 – July 1st, 2015

[Feature] New design for top of report, changed scores from out of 10 to out of 100
[Feature] New design for settings page
[Feature] Direct linking to report sections from†Salesforce
[Feature] Improvements to PDF design
[Feature] Updated design of alerts/warning messages
[Feature] Custom theming for some enterprise customers
[Feature] New design for “pages tested” table
[Feature] Many more sales†events being recorded
[Bugfix] Phone number detection improved in contact details test (fixes issue with†some sites)
[Bugfix] CURL version updated (fixes issue with†some sites)
[Bugfix] Out of date results message hidden if report is retesting
[Bugfix] Proposal display currency now correct
[Bugfix] Updated mobile test (fixes issue with†some sites)

Release 78 – June 25th, 2015

[Bugfix] Deleted reports no longer appear†in other competitor reports
[Bugfix] Fixed some sites having erroneous visitor estimate†in Popularity test
[Bugfix] TLD detection has been updated to handle newer TLDs (e.g. .uk, .report)
[Feature] Added task for automagically updating TLDs
[Feature] Added ability to set the background color on an account using the backgroundColour account setting
[Feature] Added ability for users to set their own country for testing and display currency in settings
[Bugfix] Transparent background logos no longer have a black background
[Feature] Updated styling on forms throughout Haystack
[Bugfix] colors for scores in navigation appear correctly in French version
[Bugfix] Time/dates are localized in activity table based upon visitor’s timezone
[Bugfix] Fixed erroneous method check in the Settings API (Salesforce)
[Bugfix] User API error messages are now more user-friendly (Salesforce)
[Bugfix] All external links now open in new tab/window
[Bugfix] Competitors page no longer has scroll bars appearing in PDF

Release 77 – June 23rd, 2015

[Bugfix] Fixed no follow links appearing with strikethrough for certain users
[Feature] Ability to mark a user with a flag to stop them being able to log in using a password (Salesforce feature)
[Bugfix] “View in Salesforce” button for a report which has no corresponding record in Salesforce takes you to the wrong business in Salesforce
[Bugfix] Session timeout standardized as some users were reporting being logged out unexpectedly
[Bugfix] Retest spinner wobbles less
[Bugfix] Screenshots now support†SSL
[Bugfix] Fixed†JavaScript error where†Google Analytics isn’t†found
[Bugfix] Long addresses now wrap at a sensible length in the inbound tool
[Bugfix] Fixed bad padding on subscription page
[Bugfix] Ability to open Omnisearch in new window
[Bugfix] Some erroneous custom fields on the inbound tool now work correctly
[Feature] Product configuration for proposals
[Feature] Proposal feature
[Feature] Checkbox to enable “experimental features” in an account’s settings
[Feature] Create multiple users in one API call (Salesforce feature)
[Bugfix] Page speed test unable to get results for some edge case websites

Release 76 – June 19th, 2015

[Feature] CRUD API for users (Salesforce)
[Bugfix] Reduce spin wobble on retest button
[Bugfix] Custom fields persist on Inbound tool if web address is erroneous
[Bugfix] Page Speed test†reliability improved

Release 75 – June 18th, 2015

[Bugfix] Facebook test mis-detecting Like plugins as pages
[Bugfix] Omnisearch showing “Too many searches” more often than it should
[Bugfix] Mobile test not detecting sites which return different markup if the markup is too similar
[Bugfix] Salesforce settings API improved validation and error reporting

Release 74 – June 15th, 2015

[Feature] White label featureswitch which changes product name to “Demo” (can still be overridden per account) and swaps Haystack logo for generic “search” icon
[Feature] Custom upload logo now appears on custom log in screen if account has one
[Bugfix] URLs that can’t be tested now don’t prompt you to “try again”

Release 73 – June 15th, 2015

[Feature] API for settings and users
[Feature] Enterprise†Inbound tool theming
[Bugfix] Wording changed when report is running (uses analyzing rather than testing).
[Bugfix] Left nav option not selected by default on inbound tool
[Bugfix] Set language to en_GB by default for Salesforce

Release 72 – June 10th, 2015

[Bugfix] Design tweaks to†inbound tool
[Bugfix] Various translation tweaks
[Bugfix] Directory test doesn’t require Facebook page to link back any more (matches functionality of Facebook page test)

Release 71 – June 9th, 2015

[Feature] New inbound tool heading
[Feature] New events triggered in Google Analytics / Intercom
[Bugfix] Wording changes on checkpoints

Release 70 – June 8th, 2015

[Bugfix] Progress bars overlapping on Omnisearch
[Bugfix] Weekly exports unavailable for†some customers
[Bugfix] When locally testing, reports say they are “running” when they are not
[Bugfix] Google+ pages not being detected on some†accounts
[Bugfix] Screenshots on competitors page now use SSL URL
[Bugfix] PDF layout fixed which was slightly misaligned since summary hiding
[Feature] Reworded occurrences of “test” to “analyse” (also localized for US English)
[Feature] Last modified field added to a report’s SDB record
[Feature] Can delete attributes from multiple records in one call (batch delete attributes)
[Feature] Roll back account record if connecting to an integration (e.g. Salesforce) fails

Release 69 – June 3rd, 2015

[Feature] Checkpoint hiding
[Feature] Silktide users can add custom HTML/CSS for an account’s inbound tool
[Bugfix] Salesforce communication now forced to use HTTPS
[Bugfix] Log in with Salesforce now redirects to sandbox/production correctly depending on version in use

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